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"Peru's cuisine is the best kept food secret." - Food and Wine Magazine

Peruvian food is "the next big thing." - Wall Street Journal

The Food Channel Names Peruvian Food a Top Ten Food Trend for 2012

You've read the headlines - let Mama Tina's show you what the hype is about!

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Aji Amarillo Rocoto Halves

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A sample of Tunki coffee grown by a farmer in the Cecovasa cooperative of Peru was awarded the 2010 "Coffee of the Year Award"and the the People's Choice Award by The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). There were over 130 submissions representing 22 countries at the competition.

Slice beautiful aji amarillo and rocoto peppers to create authentic Peruvian dishes, or experiment with these increasingly popular flavors by adding them to your favorite recipes. Aji amarillo is known for its moderate fruity heat, and rocoto is used to give dishes fiery flavor. These jarred peppers contain no artificial preservatives. Recipes included.







Our products include Aji Amarillo, Aji Panca, and Rocoto, which are essentials for Peruvian cooking, along with a variety of Peruvian herbs and spices including Huacatay, Albahaca and Ajos Molido pastes. We also offer Peruvian grains, beans, flour and garnishes. Our commitment to quality and keeping our products all natural sets us apart from the rest, and makes Mama Tina's the #1 choice for Peruvian ingredients.

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